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Bluthner, Leipzig

Built In: 1931

Case/Finish: Fiddle back Mahogany, French Polished

Keyboard: 85 Ivory keys

Frame: overstrung

Action: Restored

Tuning: Tuned to A440, Concert pitch

Measurements(cm): H123, W138, D63

Price: SOLD

How to buy: Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing this piano.

Included: Delivery within 25 miles, First tunning
Warranty: 12 Months
Additional Info:
This wonderfull piano was built by Bluthner, one the best piano makers in the world. The piano has been restored by us about 3 years ago, it plays beautifully and with a rich and pleasing tone. The piano is in Fiddle back mahogany and has been French polished, it also has a set of perfect Ivorys.

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