Steinway O, 1905



Built In: Hamburg in 1905, Serial number 115523
Case/Finish: French polished Rosewood
Keyboard: 88 Ivory keys.
Frame: overstrung
Action: Fully restored.
Tuning: Tuned to A440 hz, Concert Pitch
Measurements(cm):L180, W147

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Steinway pianos are the choice instrument for 9 out of 10 concert pianists and for a good reason.

This piano has been carefully and lovingly restored and it is playing beautifully.

The action is even, responsive and a pleasure to play.

We have installed new Steinway hammers and parts, including a new set of Steinway Dampers.

The pins are nice and tight and the piano holds its tuning well with a rich tone and strong Bass.

Every Steinway piano has its own character, created by the combination of superior design and materials with fine hand craftsmanship.

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This piano can be heard played by Nathan here:

The piano comes with 2 years warranty.